We Are A Freelance Gatsby Developer Team

We are a 2-person His/Her Minneapolis, MN-based freelance team. We have been collaborating for over 10 years. We specialize in agency-level digital design, development, and consulting

Our current focus is Jamstack development with an emphasis on Gatsby + Sanity CMS.

We develop on a horizontal foundation.

What's that mean? We work with a wide variety of clients and projects.

Projects: While the sites we develop are often developed in Gatsby and use Sanity as a CMS, we also handle a ton of digital design, business consulting, and additional services. We also work in additional frameworks and CMS's

Clients: Typically our services are requested based on the performance of the end-result. This has allowed us a very diverse client base.

We've designed, developed, or consulted for a wide array of clients. Including:

Gatsby Website Developer

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